TSS Software - all Hire and Event CAD Software - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: all Hire - can I use my own stationery and logo on the paperwork?
A: Yes, your business stationery can be amended to your requirements. Reports can be amended using Crystal Reports.


Q: all Hire - what accounts application do I need?
A: You can use any version of Sage Line 50/Line 100 or similar accounts package, or use our optional Final Account. If in any doubt, please contact us.


Q: all Hire - how do I invoice, from my accounts package or all Hire?
A: You can raise invoices from either all Hire or your accounts package, depending on your requirements.


Q: What machine do I need to run all Hire?
A: all Hire will run on most spec machines, but for reasonable performance we would recommend a Dual Core processor with a minimum of 6GB
     RAM and a 250GB hard drive for Windows 10.


Q: all Hire - can I email direct from TSS Software?
A: Yes, providing you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your machine. You can send quotes, confirmations etc straight from the system as PDF files
     or Word documents (you can also add more attachments), or you can export them as word documents and then attach them to an email.


Q: Will all Hire run on a server?
A: Yes. The server should be a minimum of a 2.6GHz processor with 6GB RAM and 250GB hard drive. The more RAM and the faster the drives and the system will run - if you have more hard drive space then you will have room to grow. The individual machines should be as for a single user system.


Q: Will TSS Software run on Windows 10?
A: Yes. However, please be aware that Windows Starter/Home are exactly what they say and you would be better to be running Windows
     Business/Ultimate/Pro or Enterprise. There are settings that need to be changed for it to run at the best performance - you can find these at the end
     of the document Installing a New Machine.


Q: Event CAD - what machine do I need to run Event CAD?
A:  Event CAD will run on most spec machines, but we would recommend a Dual Core processor with a minimum of 6GB RAM and 250GB hard
     drive for a single user system for Windows 10. Event CAD requires an OpenGL dedicated graphics card, preferably NVIDIA.




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